The Bigger MAUCOTOOLS Entry-Level Solution

DUAL SYSTEM START-400 is the MAUCOTOOLS entry-level solution for On-Site Line Boring applications. The series DUAL SYSTEM START has been thought and developed mainly for maintenance and repair heavy construction equipment buckets, end loader arms, articulation units, dog bones, draglines housing and for simple applications to reduce the time of the operations. With the DUAL SYSTEM START-400 is possible to make On-Site Line Boring operations from 42 mm up to 400 mm of diameter (1.65 to 15.75 inches), equipped with the standard package.

The DUAL SYSTEM START-400 can be upgraded with all the MAUCOTOOLS Optional Packages and Kits, increasing the range of diameters: starting from 22mm up to 600mm (0.86 - 23.63 inches) and the applications with the MAUCOTOOLS Welding Package.

Electric and Hydraulic Main Rotation Modules available with reduction gearbox transmission.


Mounting Time:
only 14 minutes!

Reduction Gearbox Transmission

3 Tool Holders of 16mm with 10 cutting edges

Unlimited Longitudinal Stroke with steps of 200 mm

Conical clamp for mounting machine



  • Single Motorization with Mechanical Automatic and Manual Feed
  • MAUCOTOOLS Motor Protection System (MMPS) to protect the main motor
  • The MODULAR SYSTEM gives you the possibility to use the DUAL SYSTEM START-400 with ALL our Optional Kits for increasing the diameter range of work up to Ø600 mm (23.63 inch) and decrease starting from Ø22 mm (0.86 inch): with no requirements to buy another new machine, saving money and optimizing your investment (ROI).
  • Fast Centering Kit, with magnetic system (you do not need to weld the kit for centering, saving time and money).
  • Universal Main Supports with 3 adjustable arms included in the standard package.
  • Digital Measuring Caliper: to measure the diameter you can directly use our digital caliper without removing the boring bar: to save time, reduce the complexity of the process and to be more accurate.
  • Stronger Tool holders of 16 mm (0.63 inch).
  • Electric (220 & 110V), Hydraulic and Pneumatic power options available.
  • Automatic and adjustable feed stop.
  • Control Panel included in the standard Package.
  • Auto-joining Chromed Boring Bars: Ø20, 40, 60 mm (0.78, 1.57, 2.36 inches).
  • Unlimited Longitudinal Feed with steps of 200 mm.
  • Fast and Conical Centering Kit for buckets available.

Boring Bar Ø : 40mm - 1.574 inches (included)

Internal Line Boring Ø : 42mm - 400mm (1.65 - 15.75 inches)

Drilling Ø : Optional

Tapping Ø : Optional

Internal Automatic Bore Welding Ø : Optional

External Automatic Bore Welding Ø : Optional

Flange Facing and Seeger Circlips : Optional

Milling Ø : Optional 

Motor Type : 2-Speed Electric 

Power : 1800W – 230V (110V available)

Speed : Speed I: 54-126 RPM / 180-423 RPM


Motor Type : Hydraulic 

Power : 10.2kW in continues

Speed :  Max speed 437 in cont.  / Min speed 9 in cont.

Typical Machine ship weight : 114 Kg

Typical ship dimensions (shipped in 1 Red Metallic Case) :  108 x 61 x 42 cm 

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