LBM Series Dual System

Portable Line Boring Machines

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
Alan Kay

MAUCOTOOLS On-site and Portable Line Boring machines have been designed and developed with the exclusive and patented DUAL SYSTEM. This important innovation makes the LBM DUAL SYSTEM Portable machine tools modular: built in two separate parts that can-do independent machining.
In addition, the DUAL SYSTEM gives to you the opportunity to work in tight spaces.
Cover diameters range from 22mm up to 2000mm (0.86 to 79 inches).
With DUAL SYSTEM Main Rotation and Feed Drive modules, with 2 independent motors for a total control.
Electric, Hydraulic and Pneumatic power options available.
The LBM Series DUAL SYSTEM is equipped with all the accessories for On-Site Line Boring and Bore Welding operations.

Focus On

1. Remote Feed Control Panel
2. Rotation Control Panel
3. Dual System
4. Automatic & Adjustable feed Stop
5. Brushless Feed Motor

From C40 to LBM

In the past, we created an innovative Portable Line Boring machine: the C40.
We have patented the innovation: the DUAL SYSTEM.
We make a promise: never stop innovating!

For this reason, we have decided to undertake a new path with a clear goal: continue INNOVATING and create a new generation of Multi-functional On-site Portable Line Boring machine tools!

This path starts from our C40 and is going to reach the new MAUCOTOOLS Product Line: the LBM.