Portable Line Boring Machine Tools

Our C40 DUAL SYSTEM is the new line of Portable Line Boring and Overlay Welding machine tools manufactured by MAUCOTOOLS. Thanks to our international patents this new gamma of machine tools, which are available in three different versions, are a strong, versatile, precise and simple-to-use tool.

Our Portable Line Boring machines are DUAL SYSTEM, innovative solution which makes our machines

The MAUCOTOOLS Portable Line Boring machine tools have been designed and developed with the exclusive and patented DUAL SYSTEM. This important innovation makes our portable machine tools decomposable: built in two separate parts that can do independent machinings. In addition, the DUAL SYSTEM gives to our customers the opportunity to work in tight spaces.

Our gamma of Portable Line Boring machine tools C40 DUAL SYSTEM includes three basic models:

The accessories included in the standard equipment, which can be combine with our gamma of Extra Kit, for reducing and increasing the range of diameters or to make different kind of works:

  • Internal and External Line Boring
  • Internal and External Overlay Welding
  • Drilling
  • Milling

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