The sum of our experiences: more than 30 years!

MAUCOTOOLS started specializing in only one product line: Multifunctional Portable line boring machine for on-site machining and bore welding.
Our experiences and deep knowledge of the needs and problems of our customers led us to develop the new generation of On-site Line Boring machines C40 DUAL SYSTEM.

The MAUCOTOOLS Portable Line Boring machines have been designed and developed with the exclusive and patented DUAL SYSTEM. This important innovation makes our portable machine tools modular: built in two separate parts that can do independent machining. In addition, the DUAL SYSTEM gives to our customers the opportunity to work in tight spaces.

With a new Management and a redesigned philosophy, corporate culture, vision and product lines, MAUCOTOOLS have started to develop and supply new On-Site Solutions for many industries: Earthmoving Equipment and Construction, Mining, Piping and Oil & Gas, Ship Building and Repair, Power Generation.

The Quality is a must for us!

Our supplied On-site solutions are manufactured meeting International Standards, in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14000 (Environmental Management).
In addition, all the products supplied by MAUCOTOOLS are conform to the CE specifications of the European community.

The MAUCOTOOLS driving force is represented by the Persons: our Global Team and worldwide network lead us to be always there for our customers and offer all our professionalism, anywhere and anytime!


To speed up the Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) world transformation to efficient, time-saving and smart way to work.


To create and deliver worldwide innovative on-site solutions which are Portable, Modular, Easy-to-Use and Time-Saving for many industries: earthmoving equipment, marine, offshore and onshore, mining, piping.

To build a global team and a worldwide network to support and boost the growth and the customer satisfaction.

To build a stimulating work environment.



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